The Pilsen European Capital of Culture 2015 opening festivities will be spread out across the weekend of 16th January to 18th January 2015. After five years of preparation, the dream of Pilsen being a European Capital of Culture is finally being realised.

16th January – Art’s Party

A party thrown at the Pap-rna Cultural Centre filled with contemporary music, sounds and arts. The aim of the party is to include Pilsen in the worldwide celebration of art.

17th January – Opening Pilsen

Artistic Chief of Pilsen 2015 Petr Forman has invited various professionals from the Pilsen, Czech and Euopean cultural industries to collaborate on the official opening of Pilsen 2015. Well-known names include Swiss tightrope walker David Dimitri who will be accompanied by other local and foreign acrobats, Aristic Director of Barcelona’s La Central del Circ, organist Adamn Vikora and many more.

Saturday night is divided into three different phases. The first phase includes five processions happening in the late afternoon in different locations that are inspired by Pilsen’s essence. Participants in the processions include children from over 50 elementary schools, interest groups and children’s homes, all lending their creativity to the opening. There will also be people on their mopeds, various people from social and cultural organisations, athletes and dance ensembles, as well as a dinosaur float and historic public transport vehicles.

All five processions will lead to Republic Square, initiating the second phase which includes a grand orchestra performing live original music written by contemporary Czech composer and conductor Marko Ivanovič.

The final stage of the evening sees the city transformed – outdoor areas and public buildings are changed into pedestrian areas bursting with alcohol, dancing, singing, poetry and theatre. There will also be an outdoor ice bar sculpted by František Bálek, a Pilsen sculptor, as well as traditional food and drink served by various organisations.

The final night of the opening weekend is relaxing and peaceful. Events include having coffee with prominent local and foreign personalities and a walk through the city for guests to discover Pilsen. Guests are also invited to visit several locations in the city centre to get to really know the city.

For more information, please visit the official Pilsen site.