The seminar will begin with a screening of a number of performance works by Anthony McCall, followed by a live showing of the first of the solid light films “Line Describing a Cone“, where the students can experience a work that is at the same time a film, a drawing, a sculpture, and a performance.

McCall will then use these films, as well as his own larger body of work, to discuss the intersections between sculpture, cinema, drawing, performance and projection. He will propose that “temporal structure” is the key idea that connects these categories.

Violinist and composer Gilles Colliard will be playing and unpacking musical excerpts during the seminar that allow us to directly encounter the harmonic, proportional systems we explore through drawing.

This seminar will finish with a public performance of solo repertoire for violin and simultaneous live drawing in architectural spaces that encompass the themes of the seminar.

This lecture will be held on Tuesday, April 11, at St James Cavalier at 8pm.