Renzo Spiteri will be performing on the 2nd and 3rd September at the Gothenburg Fringe Festival as part of the project Quintessence, a Valletta 2018 and #EngageCREATIVES collaboration.  Quintessence is a series of immersive and innovative sound-based events, created and curated by Maltese sound artist, composer and musician Renzo Spiteri, that experiment with awareness through sound, inviting publics to engage with sound/space experiences.

During Gothenburg Fringe Festival, Renzo will present Quintessence_2, an immersive solo sound performance that wraps the audience in an alluring world of sound, created through the use of sampling and live electronic manipulation. The sound textures created during this performance are experienced in the now, with most of the work being created ‘on the fly’ through a process of improvisation. Nothing much is left of the original sound sources, which instead go through a process of metamorphosis. During his stay in Gothenburg, Renzo will also capture sounds that are peculiar to the city and re-interpret them as part of Quintessence_2, giving the performance a unique identity marked by sounds, words and phrases that are specific to the location in which it is performed.

​He will also be exploring collaborative possibilities with dancers and movement artists present at the festival to create ‘Sounding Dance’, an artistic encounter in which participants are invited to select and engage with a public space, moving to and interacting with the intrinsic sound, be it the frantic noise of a busy city or the stillness of a forest. These sound/movement interactions are captured through audio and video recordings, which are subsequently curated and exhibited to the general public in selected public spaces as a sound/video installation, and made available online for worldwide accessibility allowing people from around the world to get a feel of the sound/space interactions in Gothenburg.”

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