The ‘Potato Opera’ is a charming idea which recounts the story of how the potato first arrived in Latvia from South America in the form of an opera. The ‘Potato Opera’ is conducted by Aira Birzina and written by Inese Zandere. It also features the Riga Dom Girls’ choir, as well as other singers, soloists and dancers.

Thus far, the ‘Potato Opera’ was performed at the Riga concert hall on the 3rd and 7th December. Future shows are on at:

The Ventspils Culture Centre ‘Jūras vārti’ – 31st January

Latgale Concert Hall ‘GORS’ – 5th February

Liepāja Theatre – 19th February

Vidzeme Concert Hall in Cēsis – 19th April

Riga isn’t the only Capital of Culture that is interested in potatoes. Leeuwarden and our own Capital of Culture, Valletta, are also working on their own potato-related project – ‘Poetry in Potato Bags’ – a joint-project which sees poetry exchanged between the two cities via potato bags. (For more on the Valletta 2018 ‘Poetry in Potato Bags’ project, visit our Cultural Programme).

For more on Riga’s ‘Poetry Opera’, visit the Riga 2014 Official Website.