To celebrate Valletta 2018, Rock the South is hosting a special edition of this popular annual music festival, which includes an exclusive one-night event by the name of Rock the City. The spin-off event brings an exciting line-up of alternative acts and DJ sets into the heart of Valletta.

Throughout the years the festival has hosted over one hundred bands, including an ever-growing list of high-quality international acts, establishing itself as the leading showcase for alternative talent in Malta.

Main acts during the night include:

yndi halda (UK)
“A band who are clearly challenging themselves and the very conventions of post-rock…Powerful.”

​”Epic beauty”

​”Vast and ambitious…Braids big choral harmonies, classical string arrangements, dreaminess and beneath it all, pop hooks.”

Staghorn (USA)
“Post-rock will always be the thing that is just too good for me. That’s not a bad thing, I love it and I think it’s all beautiful, but I’m always jealous that other people have the capability to make me cry with this goddamn music. So I was thrilled when I was listening to Illinois based band Staghorn‘s new moonlight-filled track “Movements II and III”. It really is gorgeous.”

“Wormwood III feels more like the soundtrack to a stirring drama than it does a rock record, and I love that. If you’re a Slint fan, you should definitely pay attention.”

“Strong headed, goal driven and entombed within the spirit of the underground music scene is the Do It Yourself mentality… St. Louis’ Staghorn is very much the prime example of individuals that continuously give to the music scene.”

Also including a variety of great local acts:
Eyes to Argus
Robert Farrugia

Rock the City will be taking place on the 29th September at the Valletta Campus Theatre in Valletta. Get your tickets today!