Many a times we find ourselves struggling to grasp onto any of the sensory inputs that make up a fond and dear memory. Nonetheless with time, the sharpness of memories fails us.  We often go to great lengths to preserve such memories. From the drawings on the caves of Lascaux to Egyptian hieroglyphics, Human kind realized early on that important memories should never be forgotten but rather frozen in still frames and passed on as stories. Fast forward thousands of years, on the tiny Islands of Malta, where local inhabitants welcome two million people every year. All of whom in search of memorable moments, moments that will become memories, memories that will turn into stories. Different stories told by different people held with one common thread, they all tell their story about the Soul of Malta.

Inspired by the scenery he grew up in, artist Matthew Costa is continuously creating different collections of ink drawings aimed to capture and hold the spirit roaming within the lively streets and sunny shoreline of Malta. Small, authentic and valuable pieces of art, all with their story to be told. The pieces of art will be available to the general public in either limited edition prints of various collections as well as original and commissioned artwork.

Soul of Malta is a project endorsed by the Valletta 2018 Foundation.