As part of their degree programme, the Fine Arts students in the Department of Art and Art History (University of Malta) participated in a workshop led by photographer Duška Malešević on the fundamentals of photography: light, colour, and composition. In the workshop, photography was discussed, presented, and explored as an art form and placed within the context of the contemporary art scene.

Under the guidance of their tutor, the students observed Strait Street’s topography and social activity as these unfolded on a spring day in the city. Strait Street was chosen as the site of study because of the way light shifts across the narrow passage: dynamic and irretrievable like its infamous past.

The photographs are the result of the student’s interaction with the space and with each other through the camera lens. Their individual perspectives are pronounced as are their understandings of photography as a creative practice.

As artistic director of the Strada Stretta Concept, Prof. Giuseppe Schembri Bonaci invited the students to exhibit a selection of images from the photography workshop. Prof. Schembri Bonaci is the coordinator of the Fine Arts degree and Head of the Modern and Contemporary Art Research Programme within the Department. This workshop forms part of a series organised throughout the academic year.

The Strada Stretta Concept is a project organised under the auspices of the Valletta 2018 Foundation.


Special thanks to Giuseppe Schembri Bonaci, Duška Malešević, Keith Sciberras, Nikki Petroni, Melanie Erixon, Jason Masini, Miguel Debono.

Event is sponsored by PhotoCiancio