Tafxnaf invites all students in Malta and Gozo who are in Form 2, or its equivalent, to share and publish their thoughts and dreams in story form. 

We have received a great amount of stories from children in Malta and Gozo. 25 of these children are going to move on to the next phase, but we treasure each and every story that we have received, and that is why we will be publishing them all online, and we will also be archiving the originals at the National Library.

Although we are happy with the number of stories sent, we are sure that there are many more children who have a story to tell and who did not manage to send their story in with the rest. And so we are extending the deadline, so that if you are a Form 2 student, or you are between 12 and 13 years old, you will still be able to send in your story to have it published and archived with the others. Go to www.tafxnaf.org for further details and to download the form.

You have until 31 May 2017!