Featuring Cristina Vilallonga, (voice of Gotan Project) & Marisa Mercadé, on bandoneon. In a continuous voyage between Europe and America, tango and folklore keep transforming themselves , getting richer, being always alive.
Cristina Vilallonga, singer and songwriter known in France and world wide as the timeless voice of Gotan Projet, sings with Marisa Mercadé, renown Argentinian- Parisian bandoneoniste, very experienced in tango.  Together, with a personal language, they explore the different colours of classical repertoire. Respecting the style and the nature of this music, rhythmical and rooted but naturally open to other cultures, Vilallonga and Mercadé, suggest the melancholic, unrooted feelings and passion that live in tango- doing it always with a contemporary vision.


The intimate formula: voice and bandoneon -the king instrument of tango-, allows the essence of this music to shine in a free and intense way. The duality between organization and passion, the eternal conflict conciliates in a velvet and powerful sound texture. For this occasion the classical repertoire. (Homero Manzi, J.L Borges, A. Troilo, Virgilio y Homero Expósito) adds to the original compositions of Cristina Vilallonga.


This event starts at 8.30pm.