The European Graduate School is organising a series of evening lectures from 20th March till 9th April, which will include lectures by Alfredo Jaar and Judith Butler, amongst others. All lectures will take place at St. Elmo at 8pm. This lecture programme is supported by Valletta 2018.

Entrance is free but a place needs to be reserved by sending an email to [email protected]

The lectures will be the following:


Sunday, March 20

Hubertus von Amelunxen, “What is Bildung?” 


Thursday, March 24

Philippe Beck: “The War on Speculative Poetry, Again (Hegel versus Schiller) 


Friday, March 25

Peter Price, “Music, Memory, and the Work of the Body,” introducing Michael Nyman’s film, “War Work — 8 Songs with Film.” 

** Mediterranean Conference Center ** 


Saturday, March 26

Achille Mbembe, “Technologies of Happiness in the Age of Animism” (video lecture from Harvard University)


Sunday, March 27

Elie During, “Time Has Edges: The Volume-Image”


Monday, March 28

Victor Burgin: “About a Place to Read” 


Thursday, March 31:

Alfredo Jaar, “It Is Difficult” 


Saturday, April 2:

Siegfried Zielinski, “On the State of Affairs and Their Agility”


Sunday, April 3:

Benjamin Bratton, “On Design and Artificial Intelligence: Identification, Sensation, and Articulation” 


Wednesday, April 6:

Judith Butler, “To Preserve the Life of the Other: Psychoanalysis and the Ethical Claim” 

**Mediterranean Conference Center **


Thursday, April 7:

Melinda Ashley Meyer, “Empowerment and Resilience: Expressive Arts Work with Traumatized Communities” 


Saturday, April 9:

Avital Ronell, “Ach, the History of a Complaint” 


For more information, please visit The European Graduate School official website.