‘The Everlink’ is a unique and brilliant live spectacle that comprises a 40-piece orchestra, live singers and amazing cinematography. This outstanding audio-visual experience is a collaborative effort between the Eden Cinemas and the Malta Philharmonic Opera that is a guaranteed delight for the whole family.

‘The Everlink’ revolves around Aidan, a 10 year old boy whose life is turned upside down suddenly when he unintentionally activates an Everlink. The production, powerful and gripping, will surely enthral both children and adults.

Featuring original music composed by Reuben Pace, ‘The Everlink’ promises an impressive musical performance. The Malta Philharmonic Orchestra, led by Marcelline Agius, will be directed by Raoul Lay, a renowned French conductor and composer. The script, which is written by Malcolm Galea, will be narrated by local actor Alan Paris, while Vince Briffa and his team from the Department of Digital Arts will be in charge of the onscreen breathtaking visuals.

‘The Everlink will be showing on the 23rd January at 7:30pm; and 24th and 25th January at 4pm and 6pm in Cinema 16 at the Eden Cinemas. For more information on tickets, please visit ‘The Everlink’ Facebook Event.