From 10 till 30 November 2018 the exhibition The Island Indoors showcases the work of Ryan Falzon, Aaron Bezzina, Matthew Attard, Caesar Attard and Marc Thiron in an exquisite setting in a small castle near Antwerp. The project is curated by Stefan Kolgen and Ann Laenen.

The concept of the exhibition is based on a room in a palazzo. Sunday roast is served. A typical Maltese dish is prepared. At first sight it looks like a normal dining room with images on the wall, a big chandelier and a couple dining. But when you look closer you will notice that nothing is what it seems. The image(s) on the wall tells a fierce story. The couple at the table is only there in our perception and makes you wonder what they are talking about, while a peculiar soundscape accompanies the discussion. Even the chandelier gives the whole setting an special feeling.

The longer we absorb the scene the more it becomes clear that this is not just a dining room, but an installation that tells a story. The objects present challenge us in our perception and open a critical dialogue with the viewer.

Alongside the Exhibition an interactive and artistic exchange took place between Maltese and Flemish artists 27 and 28 August at the School of Art in Valletta.

The Island Indoors is supported by the Arts Council Malta through the Cultural Export Fund and The Cultural Centre of Ekeren/Antwerp. It is endorsed by Valletta 2018 Foundation.

For more information, visit The Island Indoors Facebook page.