The Għaqda Kultura u Armar Marija Annunzjata Tarxien have, for over twenty years, traditionally staged a Passion Play during the Holy Week. Being the 450th anniversary of the Foundation of Valletta, this year’s Pageant is being held in the capital city.

On Saturday 19th March at 7pm, some four hundred people dressed as Biblical figures will take us back in time to the Old Testament, the life of the Lord Jesus Christ, leading to His Death and Resurrection.

This year’s performance, which includes the participation of three major bands – Għaqda Muzikali Marija Annunzjata of Tarxien, Għaqda Muzikali Beland of Żejtun and King’s Own Philarmonic Band, will transform the capital Valletta into the capital city Jerusalem.

The Pageant will proceed from the President’s Palace and will end up at St George’s Square to stage the Crucifixion.

Music is penned by Andrew Zammit and Mark Tonna. Lyrics by Ray Mahoney. Participation includes renowed singers Debbie Scerri, Mary Spiteri and Soprano Lydia Grech.

This year’s representation is being organised by Għaqda Kultura u Armar Marija Annunzjata Tarxien in collaboration with Valletta Local Council and Valletta 2018. Music by band clubs will start at 6.15pm while the Pageant will proceed from the Grandmaster’s Palace at 7pm. The event will be over by 10.15pm to allow people to use public transport to get home.