The Żejtun Heritage Treasure Hunt, organised under the supervision of ŻOEY youth members,  will be a fun learning activity for children and youths. It will include a search for different facts regarding the culture and lifestyle among the periphery of Żejtun. Children will have one hour to search buildings, places and facts in the core village of Żejtun (from St. Gregory’s Church to Parish Church area) by walk and by taking selfies with the facts/objects found, which will total 40 different facts.

Youths can use any means of transport, from bicycles to cars, to search for facts in the outskirts of Żejtun. Youths will search facts regarding the agricultural community living in the outskirts of Żejtun and the heritage found in the area between Marsaskala and Marsaxlokk area and other areas where it is not easy to arrive by foot. Youths and children will have the opportunity to ask the passers-by to give them information about the required place they need to find, so with this aspect will generate a vibrant participation among the citizens of Żejtun too. This project creates a sense of active citizenship among other citizens that will not take part in this event. The activity will start from St. Gregory’s Gardens (Ġnien l-Għannejja Żwieten) where all the participants will be provided with a heritage map of the area, a pack full of information about Żejtun’s history and culture and a goodie bag.

Their main task is to search for aspects and objects shown in small snapshots, then as a group of 4, participants have to search for these snapshots and take a group selfie with that particular object/aspect. The winner will be determined by the highest number of places found and the highest number of points collected.

This event will cater and stimulate awareness among children and the youth generation about their roots and cultural identities. They will learn, in a fun environment, about the cultural habits of the past generation in the oldest locality in the South-East of Malta. Apart from appreciating heritage buildings, they will learn facts about the lifestyle of citizens in this particular area, from dialects, to legends, way of life, celebrations and history facts. Last year, in the first edition of this project, more than 120 participants took part in this activity. Participation is free of charge.

Participants are urged to apply online from this link or from the Żejtun Local Council.

The event starts at 6.00PM and kicks off at Ġnien l-Għannejja Żwieten; participants are advised to arrive at 5:30PM.

This project is endorsed by the Valletta 2018 Foundation.