Tikka Banda, founded by musician Justin Formosa and some friends in 2013 is a band with a rather small formation but made up from traditional Maltese elements which are normally found in traditional band marches. The objective of Tikka Banda is that through its small formation, the music played in different presentations offers a sound bite of the traditional Maltese Festa all year round. In the past months, Tikka Banda continued to evolve and with the participation of 10 musicians and 4 choreographers, it is succeeding in displaying Maltese and International Music in a contemporary and interactive spectacle.


Tikka Banda will be actively participating in the Valletta Green Festival 2017, in Saint George Square, with an interactive programme aimed at children, named #barralklassi.


#barralklassi is a 20-minute programme in which young learners will be nurtured with the possibility to delve into Maltese culture through humour, games, art and most of all… MUSIC. The programme, which will be in both in Maltese and English, will include a short role-play in which the famous Tikka Banda will serve as both a versatile and traditional platform. This activity will begin at 11.30am and children will be invited to take part throughout the whole session, guided and aided by the funny MR TREBLE together with his friends.


Children attending the activity will also have the opportunity to participate with Tikka Banda by playing instruments crafted from recycled material.