Get your dancing shoes on, kids! Toi Toi Moves is a collection of six fun dance performances for children of different ages who love to dance. Held at  Teatru Manoel’s Studio Theatre, these six performances are spread over the period between the 26th October 2014 and 19th April 2015.

The remaining performances for the year 2015 are as follows:


One Funny Ballet

Date: 29 March

Time: 10:30am and 11:45am Studio Theatre

One Funny Ballet, a production aimed at children between the ages of 7 and 11, gives classical ballet and the impression people have of it an entertaining twist. The production features over-the-top ballerinas, melodramatic behaviour and boys in tights caught in the crossfire of two divas who compete for the spotlight.  Choreographed by Dorian Mallia, the production, which is performed through mime and dance, boasts a side-splittingly funny narrative.


Il-Ġnien Magiku 

Date: 19 April

Time: 10:30am and 11:45am Studio Theatre
Marija, an ugly, irritable woman, recounts her past: how she was born in India and later ends up living in England. Here, Marija discovers a key which leads to a secret garden inhabited full of strange and wonderful creatures. In this garden, Marija transforms from a bitter woman to a beautiful flower that represents everything that is good and pure.

Choreographed by Dorian Mallia, the Moveo Dance Company take the roles of the strange creatures Marija encounters in the Ġnien Magiku. The production is aimed at children between the ages of four and seven and is split into two sections: the first half is a narrative dance while the second part is a workshop where children explore and experience the dancers’ movements and emulate the choreography. Participants are invited to discover the magical garden through interactive dance.


For more information about bookings and the schedule for performances, please visit the Teatru Manoel official website.