A special exhibition showcasing the work of U19 Malta – CREATE YOUR WORLD will be set up at the Esplora Interactive Science Centre in Kalkara between the 17th and 29th November 2018. This exhibition will mark an important achievement resulting from the two-year  collaboration between Valletta 2018 and Ars Electronica which was strengthened by the latter’s contribution to the activities carried out in collaboration with Esplora Interactive Science Centre during the Maltese Presidency of the European Commission in 2017.

The exhibition will include Nicholas Conrad’s ‘Musical Weather Station’, which won the ‘U19 Malta Grand Prize’, Zack Ciappara’s ‘Freehour’ App, and Mia Gauci and Amy Portelli’s ‘Astrobot’, which won them both a Distinction prize. During this competition Mia Gauci and Amy Portelli were also awarded the special Esplora Under 14 prize for their work. The exhibition will also showcase Charlotte Formosa and Cara Borg Aquilina’s ‘Music in the Capital’ and ‘Toolbox for Peace’, both having won the Merit prize with their respective projects, and Thiago Jo Said’s ‘Fighting in the Arena’, which won the ‘Esplora Under 10’ Award.

Come check out the winners!