“Where have you gone?” is a collaborative exhibition by a group of local visual artists who work under the name of “The Peculiars“. The artists work to offer the viewer the opportunity to consider a point of view that they may have overlooked, to challenge their beliefs and to discuss subjects that are not usually discussed openly, doing so unashamedly and audaciously.

The artists Hannah Galea, Marlon Chircop and Serah Stringer Grech, allow for individual but co-operative work to be developed supportively. They criticise and evaluate each other’s work to ensure that they meet the most exacting, technical and artistic standards. This helps further develop their techniques, and push boundaries in their chosen media. These behaviours allow The Peculiars to be innovators whilst discussing current and pertinent issues.

In their current project, “Where have you gone?” they created a concept born from ideas of the word “desolate” and generated through a shortlist of issues they wish to discuss. Through this umbrella concept the artists shall be discussing both the desolation of the individual and that of the desolation brought about through the abandonment of physical space. This allows them to then discuss concepts that are close to their hearts such as depression, loneliness, mental illness such as Alzheimer’s, migration, depletion of natural resources, death of our waters and wildlife and many others.


This exhibition will be held in the crypt underneath the St Augustine’s Church, Valletta between the 6th (opening night) and 10th of June 2018.