Trevor Zahra’s Xagħret Mewwija is a play based on a collection of sketches of events happening throughout the centuries brought together by their location – the hill of Xebb ir-Ras – the current location of Valletta.

Given its colourful and chequered history, the city lends itself well to narrative and this entertaining piece is made all the more interesting because it looks at historical events from the point of view of the underdog – with one of our most vilified invaders recounting the events – none other than Dragut himself.

Looking out from Senglea point we get to imagine a tract of uncultivated land. We think of the three months of the Great Siege, and this tract of land becomes a home for the enemy, full of camps and colourful tents. It is from here that the narration of Xagħret Mewwija kicks off; a play that makes it possible for us to experience the mapping out, history and development of Valletta city. The performance is a mixture of historically significant events, blended with generic occurrences and some fictional imaginings of dialogue and interaction between famous historical figures.

Creative Team: Trevor Zahra (writer and costume design); Joseph Galea and Carlos Farrugia (producers and directors); Carlos Farrugia, Charles Sammut, Joe Pace, Joseph Galea, Maria Farrugia, Rachel Micallef (actors); Adrian Bartolo (lighting design); Ryan Galea (photography and publicity design)

Xagħret Mewwija will be taking place at Spazju Kreattiv on the 5, 6, 7, 12, 13 and 14 October 2018.