In Je Tiens la Reine, ŻfinMalta presents a contemporary adaptation of L’Après-midi d’un Faune by Mallarmé and Debussy’s Prèlude à l’après-midi d’un Faune. Malta’s national contemporary dance company gets its inspiration from a legend where a group of fauns encounter and are seduced by the sensual Calypso and her nymph sisters. The fauns become chaotic and disruptive, leading the nymphs to resist the fauns and protect their lands. The Goddess of Love, Venus, intervenes to stop the chaos. But can peace be restored? Poetry and music are tied to dance choreographed by Mavin Khoo, accompanied by music by Renzo Spiteri and a narrative adaptation by Giuliana Fenech.

Je Tiens La Reine will be held on the 15th and 16th July at 9pm at Argotti Gardens. For more information, please visit the Malta International Arts Festival official website.