From Hell to Paradise by No Gravity immediately sparked my interest as I was scrolling down the Valetta 2018 Youth Bloggers available programmes for review; it promised and proved to be a night of awe-inspiring, thought provoking entertainment.


c. Joe Smith

No Gravity, are a dance troop from Italy, and all the dancers have studied the “No Gravity” technique of dancing for at least three years, and spend months rehearsing ahead of a show. These brilliant dancers, who appear suspended in the air by invisible ropes provide a feast for the eyes with their acrobatic and dancing skills, as they fly across the stage creating distinct patterns and propel themselves gracefully, both during solo work and during duets. In some acts, the dancers also made use of props such as fans, which were closed and opened in time with the music, and used as mountains which the dancers climbed. They also used ribbons and manipulated wide pieces of chiffon-like fabric into various shapes. The performance was enhanced by eerie, haunting music with stunning vocals which complemented the performance really well. The performance was also punctuated by extracts from “La Divina Comedia” by Dante.


c. Joe Smith

The show was a beautiful, unique experience which I feel grateful to have been able to view; both dance enthusiasts and those who are not will love this show.

Elena Attard, Bishops Conservatory Secondary School, Gozo