Last Saturday, 23rd June, I attended a ritual which took place at the Mnajdra Temples at sunset. It was an amazing, mind-blowing experience. The Scottish narrator/musician was very talented and made the event even more spectacular. He kept the whole event interesting and alive and interacted quite a lot with the audience, reducing the chances of us losing interest. He explained in detail and it was evident that he knew very well what he was talking about. You could notice his passion towards the subject in the way he spoke.

c. Stephen Buhagiar

c. Stephen Buhagiar

The event in itself was very interesting and lovely – he explained the instrument’s history, how it is played and other things about it. Not only was the event beautiful, but we also saw the sun set slowly throughout the performance. I really enjoyed myself and would like to congratulate whoever organized this event, the musician himself and thank Valletta 18 for giving me the opportunity to go to such events.

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Ritual forms part of Modern Music Days, and is part of the Valletta 2018 Cultural Programme. 


Rebecca Galea, St Ignatius School, Ħandaq Girls’ Secondary