On Sunday 10th December, I went to watch a performance at the Valletta Campus Theatre called ‘The Secret’, brought up by Opening Doors Association. It was a show involving a group of 13 performers with learning difficulties.


c. Francesca Vella

This performance was split into two acts. The first act was a dance called T4. At first I was really confused at what was going on, but as time passed by, everything became clearer since it was open for interpretation. Although it seemed quite simple and light-hearted, it had a very deep and dark message. It was located in the 1930s, in World War 2, in Berlin. It was a time where people did not yet appreciate the capabilities of people with a disability and thus around 70 000 intellectually and physically impaired people were killed. This act was very educational and unique, and made me continue to reflect about how we are all perfect in our own way even after.


c. Francesca Vella

In the second act, performers acted, danced and played to the iconic story of ‘The Little Prince’ by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. During this performance it is clearly exhibited how essential it is to follow our heart and be ourselves rather than to act like others to be liked. Ironically enough, it is our differences which gets us closer to each other.


c. Francesca Vella

This performance was very lovely and educational since I learned a lot about the inequalities and injustices towards people with disabilities that were and unfortunately are still present nowadays. At the same time, it was a very entertaining and captivating performance.


c. Francesca Vella

I’d like to congratulate everyone who had anything to do with this performance since it was absolutely beautiful. I would like to also thank Valletta 18 for giving me the opportunity to go to such a wonderful event and to express my opinions.


Rebecca Galea