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  • 22 Feb 17

    Tal-Kultura One Year On

    JD Farrugia, Programme Manager for Tal-Kultura, the Valletta2018 volunteers programme reflects on the beginning, and how far the programme has come in the last year with over 400 volunteers and 25 eve...

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  • 16 Feb 17

    Kantakantun in Urban Qormi

    The first time I went to St Ignatius College, Tal-Ħandaq Secondary School, Qormi I got lost. The school, a brand new complex, is tucked away in a largely industrial and dare I add shabby area. It did...

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  • 25 Jan 17

    Latitude 36

    Latitude 36, a project stemming from Charlie Cauchi’s upbringing as a Maltese migrant’s daughter in the United Kingdom, brings real-life stories to the forefront to create “a more honest and ope...

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  • 19 Jan 17

    Name Badge Not Necessary – A Volunteer’s Story

    Emily Stewart is one of the many people who form part of Tal-Kultura, Valletta 2018’s ever-growing team of volunteers. At the end of 2016, Emily volunteered to be interviewed for a video promoti...

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