Four Squares (Erba’ Pjazez) in Valletta will each be hosting an original spectacle on the evening of the 20th of January 2018 – the day where Valletta 2018 becomes European Capital of Culture. Each show will be 20 minutes long, and each one will be repeated 5 times – at 7pm, 8pm, 9pm, 10pm and 11pm, making sure that visitors to the capital during this special evening will not miss out.


Il-Qawma tat-Tritoni – Triton Square

The Spanish theatre company La Fura dels Baus will host a spectacular aerobatic choreographed show featuring a human net above the newly restored Triton Fountain. The show will include a pool of local talent, comprising of around 60 people. La Fura dels Baus is all about eccentricity, innovation, adaptation, rhythm, evolution and transgression, and they constantly redefine space and change the public’s role from passive to active.


Qalbna – St George’s Square

ŻfinMalta will be hosting a modern dance, choreographed by Paola Mangiola and accompanied by original music composed by Cyprian Cassar. The show will feature dancers interacting with projected visuals by Blaze Animation and lighting effects by Mad About Video.


Elfejn u Tmintax – St John’s Square

A brand new choral symphony will be preimiered on the steps of St John’s Cathedral. Music is composed by Elton Zarb with lyrics by Joe Julian Farrugia and the choir will be under the direction of Pamela Bezzina. The performance will be accompanied by innovative lighting effects, which will illuminate the centuries old façade.


Minn Qiegħ l-Imgħoddi għall-Quċċata tal-Ġejjieni – Castille Square

3D mapping projections on the Auberge de Castille, which combine CGI components, music and visual special effects. This twenty minute extravaganza celebrates the past and prepares for an imagined future.


Apart from the spectacles on Four Squares, we have some special performances in store,  designed to reach audiences as they make their way around the various squares:

  • Tapit l-Aħmar: (Ġlormu Cassar Avenue) A guard of honour in celebration of the Maltese people. Bands will stand on either side of a large street, playing music as people move from one venue to another. Imbuljuta, a traditional delicious warm chocolate drink, will be distributed to the crowd en route to the rest of the night’s programme.
  • Bandli: (Great Siege Square, Republic Street) Moveo Dance Company: Dancers will create beautiful evocative movements on specially designed swings and among the audience.
  • Rota: (Republic street) A huge wheel welcomes the crowd into the city of Valletta (La Fura dels Baus)
  • Big Dancers: (Old Market Square, Merchants’ street) A street performance with giant marionettes and light effects synchronized with choreographed movement. The audience and artists will collaborate to create a street party atmosphere. (El Carromato, Spain)
  • Nibnu Malta: (Republic Street, near House of Representatives) A gaggle of clowns interact with the crowd around them in their comic attempt to find and create Malta’s national symbol. (Xenati)

3 marching bands: KażinSka, Tikka Banda and Big Band Brothers will accompany the crowds from one venue to another.


See you there!