A devised musical performance by the energetic Teatru Manoel Youth Theatre that revolves around the life of one Gus Nightingale, a little boy from a famous musical family who stops speaking, singing or making music when faced with his mother’s untimely passing.

Hush deals with the themes of loss, fear and lost confidence in a magical world where a bitter heart can steal music and sound away, leaving the world in silence. Together with an eccentric little girl named Clementine Pickles, it’s up to Gus to re-discover his own hidden power and set his family home free from grief. Teatru Manoel Youth Theatre nurtures and trains young performers, preparing them for further training and a professional career in the creative arts.

This performance is written and directed by Denise Mulholland, with music and lyrics by Luke Saydon.

Hush will be held at Teatru Manoel, Valletta, between the 17th and 19th of March 2018 with tickets at €10, while school performances will be held on Friday 16th March and Tuesday 20th March 2018 with tickets at €3.