Tal-Kultura: Valletta 2018 Volunteering Programme

L-Ikla t-Tajba  during Notte Bianca c.Elisa von Brockdorff

L-Ikla t-Tajba during Notte Bianca c.Elisa von Brockdorff

The Valletta 2018 Foundation, through Tal-Kultura volunteering programme, is seeking volunteers for a number of large scale events and a wide range of activities during the period 2015 to 2018.

Volunteering tasks involve stewarding events, meeting and greeting people, distributing leaflets and disseminating information to the public by word of mouth and on social media, and carrying out evaluation surveys.

Valletta 2018 is developing a vast Cultural Programme with over 30 projects covering the four themes of the Bid Book: Generations, Routes, Cities and Islands. The success of this programme is an opportunity for the city to turn around negative perceptions while re-imagining itself.

If you desire to promote and contribute to the regeneration of Valletta and the Grand Harbour area and to the development of arts and culture while meeting new people, join Tal-Kultura now!

The Valletta 2018 Executive team has developed a comprehensive volunteer training programme and will be providing managerial and administrative support throughout your experience. International volunteer exchanges for cultural capitals may be possible.

The volunteering programme seeks to maximise benefits for the city and for the volunteers whose experiences may be part of their professional portfolios or CVs.

For queries get in touch with us by email at talkultura@valletta2018.org or on telephone number 21244123 (SOS Malta).