Workshops will be held daily from 14:00 to 16:00 and are intended for small groups of students. Students must indicate their preferred workshops in the application form (in order of preference 1-3) and all students will be allocated at least one workshop (not necessarily first preference). Students attending workshops are expected to participate actively and present their own curatorial and artistic ideas.



Renate Buschmann Workshop: Curating Light Art Projects in Public Space

The development of temporary light art works in public space is a complex curatorial and organisational task. It is necessary to mediate between the artist’s concept and the specific requirements for place, technical equipment, security, public policy and budget controlling. In the workshop each participant is asked to present an idea for a light art project in Valletta which will be discussed concerning the site-specific, artistic and logistic aspects of its realisation.


Dr Nadim Samman Workshop – Curating in a Maltese Context

Conceptualise a contemporary exhibition project that makes best use of a uniquely Maltese context. Present your vision (including exhibition venue) to the group in a 5 minute talk, and in a two page printed document. You may, should you wish, consider the island’s unique political history, urban/architectural scenario, geography, material-cultural legacy etc.


Suzanne Wallinga 2-day Workshop – Curating New Productions

A two-day workshop focusing on curating new productions. Suzanne Wallinga will show some examples from realised projects at A Tale of a Tub, a nonprofit project space which she co-founded in 2014. Participants are asked to present an idea for an exhibition or other artistic event and will receive extensive feedback on aspects of curating, producing, and presenting new ideas. What are the practical and theoretical challenges of presenting new work—whether in an art space, museum, outdoor installation, concert stage, or the web. What are the differences between commissioning and facilitating? This workshop will be hands-on with plenty of room for discussion.


Michaela Crimmin Workshop: Art in the public domain

Workshop participants are invited to initiate and contribute to discussion on the value of art in the public domain by introducing an image/s of a work outside the gallery, one that has inspired you. Ideally please bring these on a USB/memory stick or a laptop. This might be an object in a plaza, a process based practice, a participatory project, art that addresses an issue or particular context, or art online. In so doing we can consider a wide range of artworks or projects across different cultures, in different forms, involving different challenges, with different outcomes.


Sebastian Cichocki, Yuko Hasegawa, Fumihiko Sumitomo, Antje Weitzel Workshops: From Concept to Exhibition

Participants make 10-12 minute presentations on a curatorial concept they would like to develop into an exhibition or event in any context. A single-page handout should accompany this presentation, outlining the main themes, theoretical and/or cultural aspects engaged with, possible artists or works for inclusion and a possible venue. Curators leading the workshop will give feedback and suggestions for further development.