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  • 25 Mar 15

    Tracing space, charting culture

    The debate on the use of space for cultural purposes is one which crops up frequently within the public, often leading to wider discussion on the definition of culture, the role culture plays within e...

    by admin
  • 09 Mar 15

    Valletta – My City, My Home

    When people think of Valletta, they think of it as being Malta’s capital city. They think of it as a commercial hub with plenty of shops, cafés, bars and cinemas, as well as a cultural hub, with it...

    by Marc Buhagiar
  • 02 Mar 15

    Valletta Forum: A link with the community

    The Valletta Forum is a Valletta 2018 Foundation initiative through which it reaches out to the community. This is primarily a platform of communications between Valletta 2018 and Valletta-based organ...

    by Daniela Cordina
  • 20 Feb 15

    Dancing to the Future

      We’re all familiar with ballet, ballroom dancing and other forms of dance, but how much do we know about contemporary dance? ŻfinMalta’s Artistic Director Mavin Khoo offers a compelling, i...

    by Marc Buhagiar