1001 Dreams, by Deema Shahin, aspires to translate some aspirations of the young and the old of the Gozitan community to photographs and audio recordings. The journey of exploring these dreams started as an idea in 2016. In September 2018 the collage of film sheets taken by the instant camera or the new generation of the Polaroid and the assembled audio piece will take you into different temporalities of the past, future, young and old to narrate dreams and memories.

Defying age, memory and fading way, this conversation between the different ‘Dream Owners’ that is represented by our age’s very problematic immediacy, the instant camera, is an attempt to connect the disconnected fragments. 1001 Dreams, with the support of the Valletta 2018 Foundation, conducted workshops in Gozo during July-September 2018 on basic photography for kids, young adults and elders.  The main idea revolves around documenting the Gozitan and Maltese contemporary history by photographing children’s dreams juxtaposed against the photographs of the elders’.

A crucial compilation of a slice of life, the stories behind these dreams are very much needed to be heard, storing all of that in a safe place before it gets shattered or even worse; forgotten, has become a national duty.

1001 Dreams will be taking place betwen the 15th-26th September from 9am-7pm at the Gozo General Hospital in Victoria, Gozo. 1001 Dreams is part of the Valletta 2018 Gozo Weekend.