From intriguing media artefacts collected from all over the islands, to children’s film screenings, and photographic collages that encourage us to dream again. It’s a great month to spend a weekend on Malta’s beautiful sister island!

Magna Żmien will be landing in Cathedral Square in Ċittadella, Gozo, on the 15th September from 8pm. The night will feature a time-machine performance by Armchair Voyager Wistin and the Banda ta’ Memorji Meraviljużi, a live sound installation by Timothy Garrett and visuals by Andrej Vujicic. Entrance is free.

Tafxnaf gives children a voice through storytelling and film-making, encouraging young people to develop a sense of ownership over creative projects. Born out of a collaboration with like-minded institutions in Leeuwarden-Friesland 2018 and Aarhus 2017, this project invited all students in Form 2 or its equivalent to submit their stories for publication. The end result was 5 short films which were screened during a red-carpet premiere last June, and will be screened again during the Valletta 2018 Gozo Weekend on the 16th September at the Citadel Cinema in Victoria, 2.30pm. Entrance is free.

1001 Dreams is an exhibition which will include a framed collage of instant photos taken by youths and elders, which capture their dreams. An audio track with a very short description of the dream will retell the notion of the Maltese Dream (young an old, past and present). 1001 Dreams takes place between the 15th-26th September at the Gozo General Hospital in Victoria.