Valletta will be showcased at its best during the Year 11 (Form 5) Graduation Ceremony being held in the school hall of St Theresa College, Secondary School, Imrieħel on Friday 16th March 2018. On Tuesday 20th March, a performance will be open to the public.

This show, endorsed by the Valletta 2018 Foundation, combines visual art with performing arts. The students had the opportunity to walk through History in our beautiful city, Valletta. Each student in year 11 had the chance to visit cultural sights in Valletta and together with their teachers, created a postcard to promote: history, architectural value and art in our unique capital city – The European Capital of Culture 2018. The producers of the show planned in advance to merge the historical events currently celebrated in Valletta with the graduation concert. The eight hundred square metres of this magnificent city will serve as backdrop during the Graduation Ceremony entitled “A Female Musical Blast”.

The one hour thirty minute show, which consist of eight dance acts, all related to international female artists, will be introduced by a postcard preceding the dance. The postcards will serve as the perfect introduction to each class, which is an integral part of the show. The postcards were shot in eight different locations around Valletta and they feature a shot of each group taking part in the dance act while showcasing the beauty of our heritage.

During the show each class will perform a dance routine, choreographed by the students. Each dance will integrate all students with different abilities and levels. They will demonstrate how to put together various basic dance elements to give a spectacular show. Students worked together to build props, lighting, and visual effects.

The title attributed to the concert: “A Female Musical Blast” was not chosen by coincidence.  This theme was selected because our year 11 students are all females and are the last all female cohort in our school since it welcomed the first female students way back in 1969. The show will capture the unique and sameness of each beautiful young women and their characteristics. Showing, how strong, beautiful, fragile and resilient they can be and that is the essence of our future generation.