Prepare to reconsider your perceptions and experience of Valletta as you enter Between the Heard. St James Cavalier will be transformed into a sound installation that includes many different narratives of the city. As the sound travels around the space, so do you – listening in and to unexpected noise, echoes, transmissions and conversations.  What happens to the city when instead of being seen, it is heard?

Renzo Spiteri is a Maltese sound artist, composer and musician who creates work independently and in collaboration with visual artists, cultural organisations, dancers, writers and galleries. An internationally active multi-faceted artiste, Spiteri is an exceptionally innovative and versatile arts practitioner, renowned for his creative use of sound and unlimited modes of expression, and whose work bears a distinct sonic signature characterised by strong sculptural and dimensional aspects.

Between the Heard is part of the project Quintessence – a collaboration between Valletta 2018 Foundation and Open Works Lab and part of the Foundation’s Cultural Programme.

The installation is also part of Spazju Kreattiv programme and is supported by Malta Arts Fund, Arts Council Malta.

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