Get Your Act Together is joining forces with the festival team behind Science in the City, Malta and will be presenting the first ever collaboration in Bright Club Meets Theatre. This combination of theatre reading and science stand up comedy will be taking place at The Royal British Legion Bar Malta on Saturday 10th March from 5pm onwards. The night will incorporate a mixture of science comedy and theatre readings in this first-of-its-kind event.

We will start off the night with two theatre readings, each of which will be followed by a debate between the audience, the actors and their mentors (Eduardo Sáenz de Cabezón UR [Eduardo Sdc] and Domenico Castaldo). Gianni Selvaggi will speak about cancer, mental health and addiction, while Lizzie Eldridge will discuss island communities and urbanisation. The second half will consist of a series of 20 minute stand up comedy plots by the Spanish science comedy group ‘The Big Van Science’(Big Van Ciencia) and will look into topics such as genetics, pathogenic bacteria and evolution. We will close off the night with a science themed party and the first drink from the bar will be complementary with every ticket purchased.

The evening will pan out as follows:

5:00pm – Second reading of Get Your Act Together plays
7:30pm – Break
8:00pm – Bright Club Meets Theatre
9:00pm – Science Party

Entrance to the play readings is free of charge. Tickets cost €9 for the Big Van Comedy Show at 8pm. Anyone watching the science comedy show after having watched the readings, may do so at a discounted price of €7.

This event forms part of Get Your Act Together, which is part of the Valletta 2018 Cultural Programme.