The Austrian art and culture group Time’s Up engages the public in playful experiences designed to explore alternative, preferable futures.

Over the course of their stay on the Maltese Islands, this radical team have brought internationally renowned futurists, local experts and everyday citizens together through communal workshops; during these creative meetings, participants have shared imaginative scenarios, dreams and concerns that explore diverse visions of the local future.The year 2018 sees people’s ideas come to life through the resulting site-specific exhibition, Cabinet of Futures. This immersive, walk-through exhibition creates a ‘proto-scientific’ laboratory atmosphere, inviting local individuals and communities to add their own touch to the scenario. With constant creative exchange from all walks of life, the hypothetical futures presented become sites that are continuously evolving into richer and ever-more tangible worlds.

Cabinet of Futures is supported by The Arts and Culture Division of the Federal Chancellery of Austria, Linz Kultur, OOE Kultur, LINZ AG and Ecoduna.

The exhibition will be held between the 24th August and 24th November 2018. Opening times: daily from Tuesday to Sunday, between 16:00 – 20:00.


Fire safety equipment for this event is sponsored by Alberta.