Marie Keiser-Nielsen and Fran Zammit require a costume designer for their new choreography Cock and a Feather.  They will be entirely responsible for the costuming of 4 dancers from designing with the choreographers to bring their vision to fruition, to purchasing materials needed, to fittings, to full creation and delivery of the finished costumes ready for stage as per the choreographers requirements and under the direction of the choreographers all in a timely manner based on a schedule agreed on with the choreographers. Finished costumes deadline is June 25th, 2018.

All interested applicants can send an email directly to Francesca Zammit on [email protected] for more details on the concept of the choreography and what costumes are required. Interested applicants will be required to send a CV and portfolio. The portfolio should include finished costumes designed and produced by the applicant and their costume production team.

Deadline for applicants: Monday 16th April