The Valletta 2018 Foundation is offering the chance to youths born between 1999 – 2004 to review some of Malta’s hottest new exhibitions and shows. The Valletta 2018 Youth Blogger project is open to young people from all over Malta and Gozo.

Participants will receive two tickets for themselves and a guest, and will be chosen on a first come first serve basis.  Youth bloggers should send in their review within 3 days of attending. Reviews may be written either in Maltese or English, you decide!

What will you be reviewing?

Check out Valletta 2018 events on .  Once your application is processed, you will be given a selection of events from the Valletta 2018 programme that you will be able to review. The events feature anything from concerts, exhibitions, performances, film and literary events created by artists from Malta and abroad.

What do you write in a review?

Ask yourself what your readers want to know about the event.  Tell them:

  • WHO the artists are
  • WHAT the event is about
  • HOW do the artists perform or express themselves?  If it is an exhibition, HOW do they depict their subject matter?
  • Did you like it and WHY?
  • Last of all, be HONEST and support your views with CLEAR examples from the performance or exhibition.

Where will your review appear?

Your name, age, school (where relevant) and review will be published on the Valletta 2018 blog. This will be a unique opportunity to give your opinion on a local and international platform!

Should you have any questions, kindly email [email protected] and we will get back to you shortly.

How to apply:

In order to become a Valletta 2018 Youth Blogger apply here. Kindly note that all applications need to be accompanied by a signed consent form, which can be downloaded from here. Consent forms can be signed, scanned and sent via the Google form OR be sent by post to: attn: Youth Blogger, Valletta 2018 Foundation,  The Exchange Buildings, Republic Street, Valletta VLT 1117.  Applications will not be considered until the completed consent form is received by the Foundation. The consent form for applicants aged 13 to 17 must be filled in by their guardians.

You have until the 5th of  August to apply. Go for it!