Calling all Foodies: Laika and Valletta 2018 are looking for participants!

Laika, a theatre company based in Antwerpen, Belgium, creates ‘theatre of the senses’: imaginative, culinary productions aimed at anyone who has retained their child-like capacity for wonderment. Laika finds that the world is full of surprises and that nothing can be taken for granted; whether it is feelings and ideas, tastes, smells and colours, the world is one big playground ready to be explored. Their performances are all about the senses through sampling epic stories and anecdotes, new recipes and unfamiliar worlds.

For their new theatre performance CANTINA – in coproduction with Valletta 2018 – Laika are looking for participants inspired by theatre and food-culture. This performance will search for the necessary ingredients for a future: both edible and metaphorical. What do we want to conserve for later? What do we have to change and how can we find hopeful possibilities? CANTINA is a new culinary performance exploring and discovering hope, desires, and crazy ideas.

From February 2nd until February 4th, the company proposes workshops for 15people where they will be immersed in the company’s worldview on performance. Together, the participants will perform and produce scenes while steeping in Laika’s direction. In May 2018 the company comes back to perform, in which 7 workshop participants will join as performers.

– No theatre or performance experience is required

– Minimum 18 years old, we search for people of all ages and backgrounds

– Willing to plunge into the world of performance and Laika’s structure

Dates and times

Participants are encouraged to choose one of these Workshop Dates:

Friday 2nd February from 19.00hrs-22.00hrs,


Saturday 3rd February from 10.00hrs-13.00hrs,


Sunday 4th February from 14.00hrs-17.00hrs

at the St Paul Missionary College (St Agatha) Rabat


Participants must also be free on 10th May to rehearse and on the 11th, 12th, and 13th May 2018 to perform together with Laika in Malta.

More info: and

To apply for the workshops, kindly send an email on [email protected] by Sunday 28th January with the subject heading:


  1. Provide us with a brief introduction of yourself, including the reason why you would like to apply for this workshop and performance.
  2. Kindly specify the workshop date.
  3. Seating is subject to availability.