The Valletta 2018 Foundation would like to invite suppliers and service providers to submit an Expression of Interest to be added to the list of external sustainability service providers of the Foundation.

These supplies and services will enable event producers and collaborators to implement the new Valletta 2018 Sustainable Event Policy with ease and support.

These service providers and suppliers will work in conjunction with the event producers and the Valletta 2018 Foundation in alignment with the policy according to the project’s scope and objectives, on time, within budget and according to the rules and regulations governing the Foundation.

The Expression of Interest should include detail of the services and/or supplies offered and their individual costs per item. Event producers will then receive these options through the database and approach any engagements on a one on one basis. Offered services and supplies may be audited at any time and rated on sustainable sourcing and authenticity. All suppliers and service providers must be registered with the VAT department.

The Expression of Interest is to be sent via email to [email protected] by 5th July 2017. Clarifications may be sought via email at the same email address.


Supplies required:

Resources ‘Waste’ management

120 litre bins

240 litre bins

1100 litre bins

6 yrd skip

10 yrd skip

16 yrd skip

Biodegradable or council standard Black bags

Biodegradable or council standard Recycling Bags

Biodegradable Transparent bags 120 litres

Biodegradable Transparent bags 80 litres

Compostable bags 120 litres

Litter pickers

Compostable Gloves



Grey water systems

On site reverse osmosis systems

Tap water drinking filters

Water dispensers and 19-litre tanks


Food and Drink

Crockery and cutlery to hire

Washing stations for hire (to wash reusable cups or crockery and cutlery)

Compostable food containers

Paper food containers

Paper plates

Compostable cups

Paper cups

Reusable cups

Reusable water bottles

Reusable drinks containers

Compostable cutlery

Wooden cutlery



Other products required

Ecological enzyme based toilet mixture (to be used in blue portaloos)

Biological cleaning products

Reusable cable ties



LED lighting

LED screens and set up

Biofuel generators

Solar power systems

Solar power PA

Solar power lighting


Services required:

Organic food suppliers

Pesticide Free food suppliers

Local food suppliers

Compost Toilets

Biological Toilets

Cleaners to maintain toilets

Cleaners to maintain event grounds

Cleaners to empty bins throughout the events

Builders and carpenters with reusable materials experience

Eco friendly transport options


Waste management services:

Bin collection

Skips collection


*please detail where you will be taking each of these streams





Other waste



All delivery costs or ordering costs or limitations must be presented within the expression.



The scope of this call is for suppliers and service providers to be added to a list of external service providers of the Foundation. Being added to this list does not guarantee the engagement of the supplier or service provider by the Foundation. Suppliers or service providers will be asked to provide quotes and subsequently engaged as needed by the Foundation. This call in no way suggests or guarantees that the Valletta 2018 Foundation is bound to engage a supplier or service provider.


Expression of Interest

When submitting a expression of interest, the application should provide:

  • Contact details
  • Company description
  • Portfolio of supplies or services
  • Statement of information as suitable regarding company ethos, sustainable sourcing, materials used, impact statistics or carbon credits used should this benefit your application
  • Itemised list of services and supplies with costs
  • Statement of current commitments/availability/amounts available