The conference titled ‘Dynamics of Mediterranean artistic interaction in the Late Middle Ages and Early Modern Periods’ will bring together local and distinguished foreign art historians who specialise on Medieval and Renaissance aspects relating to Mediterranean art and culture to provide a unique opportunity for ideas to be exchanged. Malta, being at the centre of the Mediterranean and very much at the crossroads of several stylistic influences, was enriched by a variety of factors that will be explored in this conference.

Each academic will present original research that expands the current boundaries of knowledge, and the proceedings of which can be at a later stage be considered for publication. The papers will deal with Malta, Siena, Cyprus, Rhodes and Venice, and thus help to better comprehend the transfer of knowledge and art in the Middle Ages and Early Modern period in the Mediterranean. Some aspects to be explored are cultural and artistic exchange in Hospitaller Rhodes, the theme of the Coronation of the Virgin in the 13th-century Mediterranean, the exchange between Sicily, Malta and Venice, and a Renaissance triptych of local ad international importance in the Mdina Cathedral Museum that is due to be restored.

The afternoon conference will be taking place on the 9th of March at the Valletta University Campus and will start at 14.00hrs and conclude at 19.00hrs, followed by refreshments. Registration for this conference is highly recommended. The admission fee to this conference will be of €25. A student fee of €15 applies. For reservations and inquiries, email Dr Charlene Vella on [email protected].

This conference is endorsed by the Valletta 2018 Foundation.