ŻfinMalta Dance Ensemble, Malta’s national contemporary dance company, presents Erbgħa (4), a collection of four dance performances by four choreographers.

Erbgħa (4)’s premiere, which is invitation-only, is on at the MITP, St Christopher’s Street, Valletta, on the 13th March. It will continue to be on at MITP on the 14th and 15th March and at the Astra Theatre in Gozo on the 21st March. Previews of Erbgħa will be held on 11th and 12th March.

In Gozo, a masterclass for trained dancers is also being organized.

Erbgħa (4) features Selah by UK-based Spanish choreographer Jose Agudo with music by Vinenzo Lamagna, Iż-Żmien by Maltese choreographer Francesca Tranter with music by Walter Micallef, a company ensemble work by Mavin Khoo, ŻfinMalta’s aristic director, featuring music by 18th century Baroque composer Girolamo Abos, and finally, Kick the Bucket choreographed by Ivan Perez with music by Aaron Martin.

All performances start at 8pm. For more information about dates and tickets, please visit the ŻfinMalta official website. For more information about Aristic Director Mavin Khoo, please visit our blog for our interview with him.