The next FRAGMENTA-event is going to take place at St. Thomas Bay in Marsascala on Sunday, 2nd October, 5pm-7.30pm. Best viewing time: 5.30pm-6.30pm. Artist Sandra Banthorpe invites visitors to the poetic site-specific installation “UNTITLED (Ix-Xemx)”.

“BUT as he faced West and looked across the valley in front of him, behind him the rays of the rising sun struck the window panes of his own home, bursting into a dazzling golden light…”

UNTITLED (Ix- Xemx) is a time-and site-specific installation scheduled to happen at the moment the works protagonist, the Setting Sun, makes its dramatic daily exit. As a visually poetic reminder of the inevitable it also prompts us to remember that we can(not) take everything for granted. Things are often not what they first appear.

In contrast to this and The Suns irrefutable predictability we are then ‘slapped in the face’ by its ability to dazzle and seduce, rendering the average with a new lease of life.  To then go (sometimes accidentally) and discover this for yourself is to realise the intention of the work itself… BUT to never get greedy, and remember as long as the earth turns, there’ll always be a tomorrow…

As usual, FRAGMENTA is open to all public and free of charge.

FRAGMENTA is supported by Valletta 2018 Foundation.

About the artist

Malta-born Sandra Banthorpe lives primarily in Malta where she currently works as practising artist, as well as an accomplished Set Decorator on internationally acclaimed feature films and stills work.

Having studied at Chelsea college of art and at Camberwell Art college, her work maintains a distinct element of sculptural being, be it in the re-appropriation of the everyday, or the conjuring of a past life; her work inevitably culminates in a consciously collected harmony.

Banthrope also ran an independent gallery space, 2c Albert rd (UK) for many years and is the Creative Director of the Kinemastik International Film Short Festival & its childrens film festival ‘Little Rock People’ .

Sandra Banthrope is a sun aficionado.


FRAGMENTA is a platform for presenting contemporary art in the form of pop-up exhibitions in public or semi-public spaces on the Maltese Islands. As a project space without a physical space,

FRAGMENTA’s mission is to offer experiences in form of artistic events, which happen in different locations or settings in and around Malta, lasting a maximum duration of 24 hours. Each exhibition is curated by Bettina Hutschek, who also determines setting and location. The exhibitions are born through a collaborative process between FRAGMENTA and the artist.