For the past three years, Joseph Galea and Carlos Farrugia have produced contemporary theatre related to holy week in Valletta. Their first work was entitled “Kristu fi Strada Stretta” in 2015, which was held at the Splendid in Strada Stretta itself. This work was received very well, and thus the  following year they were asked to produce a similar style of theatre work at Spazju Kreattiv – St James Cavalier, in Valletta. The production was entitled “Passjoni tad-Duluri”. Last year they produced “L-Iffissat t’Alla” in the same venue.

Their original productions are contemporary in the sense that even though they are held during holy week, they are works which can be viewed during any time of the year and can reach a vast type of audiences.

This year’s production is entitled “Ħarsa ta’ Kristu”, a contemporary story which introduces us to guilt, doubt, secrets and masks.

Every person hides behind a mask, mirroring those wearing Good Friday procession masks, with covered faces while carrying thick chains tied to their feet. A part of tradition, amateurism, fanaticism… but it could also be through a sense of guilt. Who hides behind that piece of cloth, which only uncovers a pair of eyes behind two holes?

The story takes us to Seville, Spain, where two Maltese couples meet during an excursion, where they go to attend the famous processions in this Spanish city during Good Friday. Four people, each one wearing his own mask. Each one carrying his own past. Each one with his own secrets. In every character, there are stories hidden even from their closest acquaintance. Hidden from the same person who spends their entire life with them.

This story is an interplay between realism and that which is surreal. Between that which appears, and that which is hidden. A story where one loses control over his own desires. A story in which only the eyes speak.

Written by Joseph Galea, directed by Farrugia. Cast: Antonella Galea Loffreda, Carlos Farrugia, Lorianne Bugeja, Aaron Fenech. With the participation of Patrick Tanti, Steve Cilia, Stefan Bezzina, Gilbert Mallia.

These productions are being held with the support of the Valletta 2018 Foundation. For further information, call on 99467410. Tickets can be purchased through this link.