This unique exhibition, to be held this month at the Spanish European Capital of Culture San Sebastian, is the first major retrospective for the artist Jesus Mari Lazkano. Containing over a hundred pieces (large canvases, drawings, notebooks, etc.), it shows an artistic career which encompasses over three decades of work.

When we look at Jesus Mari Lazkano’s career, it is clear that his evolution as an artist is the result of two factors which are interlinked. On the one hand, it is a perpetual voyage of reflection which explores painting as a profession, pictorial images as a form of depiction and Nature as a setting; on the other hand, it is also a series of several journeys through diverse and unique geographies which are sometimes near, and sometimes as far-away as they are imaginary.

The work of this Spanish artist is therefore born out of a constant journey through the history of art and through a world which has historically been affected by art.

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