Inspired in China – Fine Art Exhibition by Maltese Artists, is a much-anticipated branded annual exhibition, endorsed by the Valletta 2018 Foundation, appertaining to the bilateral exchange activities of China Cultural Centre in Malta (CCC), in support of collaborative relations between artists and cultural organizations of both countries. By invitation of CCC and sponsorship of the Ministry of Culture of China, several Maltese artists have participated in this initiative over the years, transforming their trip to China into a journey of creativity.

In July-August of 2017, by recommendation of Arts Council Malta, Spazju Kreattiv, Times of Malta and Art Discussion Group, Aaron Bezzina, Enriquè Tabone, John Vic Borg, Stephen Grima, and photojournalist Matthew Mirabelli visited Guizhou province in South West China. This itinerant exhibition is essentially a wide-spectrum visual narrative perceived and portrayed through the eyes of Maltese artists, depicting their impressions, first-hand experiences and post-trip reflections; interwoven with memories and aesthetics reminiscent of China – Guizhou`s melding of eclectic ethnic and regional diversity, time-honoured intangible cultural heritage, vibrant folklore and mythology, breath-taking scenery and genial social atmosphere .

Inspired in China curated by E.V.Borg, demonstrates how art and culture are a universal and international language that brings people together and fuses civilizations. It is a cultural exchange that enriches both artists and visitors, a window into the world of China serving as an open window on Malta’s art in China.

The project relates to the ‘One Belt One Road’ theme, discussing cross-cultural fertilization in the sense that man in time and space develops the ability to create in an infinite variety of ways, exploiting the human brain that provides us with limitless fantasy and imagination. It underlines the flow and confluence of cultural knowledge between the orient and the West, conditions for trans-cultural dialogue and cross-cultural influence, as the ancient Silk Road did  centuries ago.

For a detailed list of dates and venues, check out this link. For a full list of artworks, follow this link. Should you have any queries, contact [email protected] or call on +356 2318 0000.