It-Twaqqif tal-Ewkaristija, a project endorsed by the Valletta 2018 Foundation, is an exhibition that will open officially throughout the Holy week, hosting artwork from the Big Friends Guggen Musik Band with the aim to further educate more people of our national religion heritage. This will be hosted at the newly renovated hall at the Big Friends Guggen Musik Band Centre in Floriana that will be officially inaugurated later this year. The Centre is accessible by all and there is no problem for parking.

In this exhibition, there will be a full set of seven original and unique statues crafted by the artisian Jesmond Micallef. A set of seven unique paintings of the seven words Christ said painted by the Cavalier Paul Camillieri Cauchi in a form of a cross and with (ganutell). A set of four paintings of the Evangelists of the cavalier Paul Camllieri Cauchi. An original set of the five statues of (misteri tat-tbatija) crafted by Noel Cauchi. Two original statues of Christ’s Baptism and Christ the Saviour crafted by Jesmond Micallef. A statue of the passion baby Jesus by Micheal Camillieri Cauchi. A wooden statue of the Pietà. Some of this work will debut for the first time during this exhibition.

The Building will be decorated accordingly for the exhibition whilst a large cross will be placed visible on the main street, with the aim that people arriving and exiting Valletta notice the exhibition being held.