Leħħiet Imdemmija is the title of the artistic contribution of Sir Michelangelo Refalo Sixth Form (Victoria-Gozo), endorsed by the Valletta 2018 Foundation. It is a richly evocative Soiree to recall the centenary of the end of the First World in November 1918. With an attractive mix of classical and modern drama, music, poetry, art and choreography the event not only hopes to commemorate the abysmal suffering of the soldier in the trenches, unwittingly or purposefully eclipsed from the public, but to knock persistently at the collective memory of self and society.

War is a colossal evil, impelled by folly and deceit, even worse is the attempt to forget, because history is the great teacher of humanity and tends to repeat itself; perhaps at the moment of our complacency. So thought H.G. Wells, that World War I would end all wars; but the illusion of peace was shattered less than a quarter of a century later by a gruesome and encompassing deja-vu. With the great progress of technology channeled to warfare, there is little to take for granted – the daily media features of refugee hoards killed or displaced in masses have unfortunately been divested of their traumatic and tragic nature. Thus, the search for lasting peace, supported by truth and justice is a duty for all citizens worthy of the name.

The young people at Sir Michangelo Refalo Sixth Form guided by the administration and their teachers, have taken up this challenge through an artistic route which combines talent with creativity and skill with originality. All too fittingly the Soiree has found its place in the ECoC Valletta 2018 Programme which in itself is a celebration of the basic EU motto unity in diversity. Indeed no other city than Valletta, at the very crossroads of times and cultures, can truly claim such an accomplishment.

The evening will be held at the Ministry for Gozo in Victoria, Gozo on the 10th January 2019, 7pm.