Founded in 2009, the Malta Doom Metal festival (MDM) is an annual rock music/heavy metal festival voted among the Top 10 International heavy metal festivals of the year on Global Metal Apocalypse website – ( It is aimed at bringing performers from Malta and beyond and supporters of the genre together. Running into its 10th edition, the festival organisers intend on securing as memorable an event as possible to commemorate MDM’s 10th anniversary.

To this effect, while roping in underground local and foreign bands that otherwise may lack exposure, MDM have secured the participation of leading acts within the genre to: (a) increase audience capture, (b) continue to promote Malta as a music tourism destination and hub for rock music of diverse shades and hues and (c) to consolidate existing networking between bands, which as the event’s past history denotes has helped to open opportunities for local bands to tour and secure record deals abroad.

As Valletta celebrates its year as European Capital of Culture, the 2018 edition of MDM is set to expand its audience reach and metal network further than ever before. The Festival will be taking place on the 19th and 20th October 2018 at Chateau Buskett, Siġġiewi.


The Skull (US), Demon (UK), NECROPHOBIC (SE), Ancient Rites (BE), Officium Triste (NL), Damien Thorne (US), Black Oath (IT), Forsaken (MT), Circle of Witches (IT), Victims of Creation (MT), Achelous (GR), Castle – Metal Band (US), Reflection (GR), 12th Ode (MT)