The word MODS stands for “Music on D Spot”, which describes the mission of this collective of Portuguese musicians: to create improvised music with intimate connections to moving images in cinema or video. This edition of MODS COLLECTIVE investigates the work of Malta’s cinema pioneer, Cecil Satariano, an award-winning filmmaker of great artistic value whose work is still largely unrecognised in Malta and Europe.

Taking as its starting point two short films by Satariano – “I’m Furious Red” and “Guzeppi” – Portuguese and Maltese musicians bring improvisational forms to table. Much more than a soundtrack, this is a piece of music that works symbiotically with cinema, creating a new layer of meaning alongside Satariano’s work.

Created and organised by Capivara Azul – Cultural Association, in co-production with Fondazzjoni Kreattività with the collaboration of Marietherese Voice Studio and with the support of the Valletta 2018 Foundation and the Guimarães Municipality.