The Oħloq Kultura project aimed to help students become aware of Culture Capitals, like Valletta 2018, in a fun and creative manner. The schools that took part have been invited to take part in the final version of this project where these children present their made-up culture, in a fashion comparable to how cultures come about in real life, at parliament.

On the 27th of October, the mini assembly will be set up at the House of Representatives in Valletta along with the exhibition. Artefacts exhibited during the Valletta 2018 opening week representing 18 of the cultures will be exhibited during the opening ceremony which will also launch the booklet “Oħloq Kultura” plus the Wiki Page with all the information regarding these made up cultures. The exhibition will remain in place until the 7th November for visitors to enjoy, with copies of the booklets at hand to be distributed.

These made-up cultures, with their cultural calendars and cultural exchanges as well as negotiations between each made-up culture for future collaboration will be discussed at the parliament. This will be a great opportunity for students to learn about diplomacy and international relations.